The Good Banana

Paleo Friendly

no preservatives, by-products, or dairy.

Gluten Free

no grains or gluten. it's all gluten free!


No meats, lard, or animal by-products!

Soy Free

no soy. no GMOs.
just love.

Our Treats!

gluten free paleo brownies wimberley

The Good Brownie

This delicious chocolate brownie will make you question how it could be gluten free and vegan/paleo freindly! But it is! No Dairy, Soy, or GMOs either!

Currently available at Cactus Coffee

dairy free ice cream wimberley

The Good Sammy!

Ice cold, dairy free ice cream, sandwiched between two paleo (and vegan! oh, and gluten free!) cookies. Chocolate, Vanilla, or sometimes if you're lucky -- mint chocolate chip!

Currently available at Cactus Coffee

gluten free cookies wimberley

Chocolate Chip Cookies

Paleo/Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookies that will make your day! Yes, they are gluten free! No Dairy, Soy, or GMOs either!

Currently only available via Farmer's Markets.
For Orders, please Email Ashley

Our Dips!

vegan queso

The Good Queso!

This is the most delicious, taste-bud-busting queso you've ever tasted. Right; no dairy. Gluten Free, no Soy, no Grains. It's just full of flavor and love!

Currently only available via Farmer's Markets.
For Orders, please Email Ashley

The Good Ranch!

Creamy, Savory, Ranch Dressing, with The Good Banana regular treatment: no dairy, grains, soy, or gluten!

Currently only available via Farmer's Markets.
For Orders, please Email Ashley

Where to Find The Good Banana

Cactus Coffee

Cactus Coffee Shop is a mobile artisan coffee beverage cart and trailer offering specialty coffee and drinks.

Visit them at: Cactus Coffee

13601 Ranch Rd 12 in Wimberley
Next to "Shop the Treehouse"

Mon-Fri 8-4
Saturday 10-2

About the Good Banana

Hi, I’m Ashley, owner and chief behind The Good Banana. I live in Wimberley and I LOVE Wimberley -- and wanted to to be a part of the community. So I thought I’d combine my love for cooking healthy food and meeting people by making healthy treats and food!

Everything The Good Banana offers is paleo freindly, vegan, gluten free, dairy free, no soy, no GMO, and made fresh.

So why are we called The Good Banana? Some may recall in 2018-2019, The Good Banana food truck at the Junction Eatery. Our main item was "The Banana Whip" ice cream sundaes, which is where our name comes from. But I realized quickly that customers prefered the treats and food over the banana whips.

Presently, The Good Banana wholesales to local eateries and food joints in Wimberley and surrounding areas.

Want to Sell Our Goods?

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Kid's Birthday Parties? We Cater!
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